Embarking on the Way

The Slippery Art of Wu Wei

Solala Towler

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Welcome to Free and Easy Wandering

Coming soon — Free and Easy Wandering — an exploration of Daoist (Taoist) principles and practices, by Solala Towler, editor/publisher of The Empty Vessel. In the coming weeks I will be posting some introductory material on specific Daoist principles such as wu wei, watercourse way, the difference between religeous (dao jiao) and philosophical (dao jia) Daoism, qigong, Daoist meditation, internal alchemy (nei dan) and Daoist medicine. Please join me on the voyage of discover on this ancient path of Dao!

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I have been a student of the Way for almost 25 years. I have studied with various teachers including Ni Hua Ching, Chen Xui Shen, Chen Fu Yin and David Cheng. When I discovered the Way of Dao it truly felt like coming home! I am still as excited and inspired by my Daoist studies as I was so long ago! I have had 12 books published on the Daoist arts, including Tales From the Tao and Chuang Tzu (both published by Duncan Baird), Cha Dao (published by Singing Dragon) with more on the way!

I have been publishing The Empty Vessel: The J0urnal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice since 1993 and lead yearly tours to China to study qigong and meditation in the Wudang Mountains, among other places. I also teach qigong (see my site at CommunityAwake for more info on this) and am a founding board member and past president of the National Qigong Association.

So please enjoy my posting as we explore together the fascinating and inspiring world of Daoism!

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