Dancing the Dao


Qigong can be thought of as a dance. So can taiji. So can meditation. So can life really. It is when we are dancing in a graceful, balanced fashion that our life becomes such a dance. When we try to hard, when try to force, when we try to make things happen, we often fall on our face!
But when we are listening for the music within, when we are moving to the inner rhythms of our body and spirit our dance becomes a thing of beauty. When we are flowing like the water that Laozi talks about, taking the shape of whatever container/experience we find ourselves in, then our dance flows like a river down to the sea.
It is only in learning to listen, with our inner ear, that we can move to the cosmic rhythms of Dao itself.
Zhuangzi tells us that in order to hear the music of the universe we need to listen, not with our ears but with our hearts. Then he goes further and says to listen not just with our hearts but with our whole qi body. In this way we can really hear what is going on all around and within us. Then our dance can really be a celebration and union with Source, what the ancients called Dao.



This week’s quote.


Our lives as well as our minds are limited. To try and understand that which is unlimited with the limited is foolish and dangerous. To do this and consider it knowledge is even more foolish and dangerous.


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